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Well, if you ask me, and I'm no expert, I would have to say that the latest news stories about the economy are not all that positive.  The truth is, there always IS opportunity, and as they say, one man's ceiling is another man's floor, one person's loss is another's gain.  

While in these tough times we may desire or be forced to save and consume less (not a bad idea), do so for your own good, but keep it a secret.  With a background in Economics and Finance, I have to point out that our entire economy is based on consumption.  So while you are saving for the future, tell everyone else to spend, spend, spend - it creates jobs and wealth for the economy, and will give YOU the money that you want to save!


Welcome to, my personal Website.  Here you will find links to websites that I find interesting, a link to my personal picture website , information about me, my family, and anything else that I choose to throw in here.   I hope that you enjoy it and find it useful as well!

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    Use this site to translate sentences or even web pages, to different languages.

                                                For Free Business Cards!

      I have to praise this company: I mistakenly removed the rain support rods from my unit, resulting in the main roller tube breaking in half and also ripping the fabric.  I called them expecting to pay hundreds of dollars to get the replacement parts, but no, they were all covered by my warranty.  All I had to pay was to ship them!  I asked if they needed pictures, and they quickly said no!   Not only were they fantastic this time, but 5 years ago in my other house I called about a concern with a joint looking to come apart on the awning.  No problem they said, we'll just send out a whole new assembly!  This is beyond any expectation you could have, because some people would just call to get newer parts, and they just trust you.  I am forever loyal to this company and would recommend that you buy from them!  Great Music Video site

  Find Screenshot history for any website.

AAA CenturyAppliance  (only $19.99 per call)

Bank of

Space Coast Credit Union (formerly Eastern Financial)  (Phone Directory)

Broward County Property Appraiser  (The Place for Swiss Army Knifes)

The Kim Komando site

Consumer Product Safety Website

Google Maps

The Florida Lottery  for easy photo resizing.  Really easy, doesn’t change original photo.     Mihov resize and format changer. a great source of info

Yahoo Weather Channel Site

Exact Naval Time  (This gives you the Exact time)  (get the words to songs)

the Car 

Make Web Browser Buttons with 

    Once a year, you are entitled to see a copy of your Credit Report.  This is the best free approved site to use:

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   If you don't want to give Microsoft your money, but you need to access their programs, here is an excellent free program suite from Sun Microsystems.  It's perfect for working with Excel, Powerpoint, Word, etc... and it's FREE!

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    Eraser  for completely erasing files.  to find all your license keys for programs on your computer

     So you can edit little videos for YouTube..... use their free site>>>>>     

    To make clipets:     motion in a still clip.


         K1 Speed is a Go Kart Race Track for adults.  

                     In Brazil, a popular chain for famous Cheese Bread Rolls and Espresso coffee