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To sell by owner, it's best to at least list your house to realtors on the tool they use, the MLS service.  You can do so for about $150.00 and post a lot of pictures.  Here's a company I've used:  https://www.beycome.com/select-package/FL

Broward County Prop Appraiser   Link to see property purchased price, taxes, and owner info.

Palm Beach Appraisers Office       Link to see property purchased price, taxes, and owner info.

Broward County Public Records   search for liens, mortgage information, etc...   

Mortgage Calculators

Amorization Schedule Calculators and Mortgage calculators

 Lee CountyLinks to all Public Records         

Sun-Sentinel Real Estate

PODS        A great way to move your belongings, better than a mover or renting a U-Haul truck.

www.SafeguardSelfStorage.com   Affordable extra storage space while you move.

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El Dorado Furniture.com                  /               

http://www.plan3d.com   Cool website to design your house makeover!

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