Toys that I like!  Now i do need to update this page, but don't have the time..............


        There have always been toys that I just had to get.  I'd research everything I could find on them, reading magazines, brochures, and now, the internet.  Things like the bike I wanted as a kid, the Schwinn Orange Krate, or my next bike, the Orange Varsity:




  Researching to make sure I really wanted it, or until I changed my mind.


How about the Citizen Promaster watch I wanted to get, the one that Dirce got for me........      

 It's just plain fun to "Want, Research, and Shop!"

          Looking for a reasonably priced fun watch:

                   My Cool Watch Link for Men....

Then there are things that just amaze you with how well they are designed and how they function.   

Take the Swiss Army Knife from Victorinox  - a Classic.

There are electronics that change everything, like the iPOD that revolutionized how we purchase and listen to music:      But it really was Sony, in 1979 that brought us the Walkman first:

<< And the iPad...


      Then we have the Flat Screen TV's:

Pioneer had the best Plasma of it's time, the Elite, but it became too expensive for them to keep making, so they left the market.  Today, it's OLED by LG that is the reference standard.

   Compare today's OLED or LCD to this 1949 Admiral TV:





Integradtr50.4f.jpg (319866 bytes) HighRes



< or the Pioneer Elite 







Also The: Yamaha 


RX-A2020.jpg (666073 bytes) HighRes






The Marantz SR-7007

A/V Receiver








How about the Oppo Blu-Ray players, one of the best on the market:   

                  OPPO BDP-103.jpg (1217062 bytes) HighRes

             And I cannot forget the delivery of sound with Martin Logan Speakers:

  The best speakers are not the names you're familiar with.  They never come from Japan, and the manufacturer never makes other electronics... and no, Bose is not one of the speaker companies that I'm talking about.  Think: B&W, KEF, Klipsch, Martin Logan, Infinity, GoldenEar, Boston Acoustics, and many, many more.   Actually, some now come from China, but they are designed elsewhere.

GoldenEar Technology Speakers:



                              Cars are a Huge Dream / Fun factor. 

                                 Take a link to some sites:



  A Company that really inspires me with everything from electronics to snowmobiles and boats is: Motor &  Electronics ... 


Waverunner or Snowmobile

  How about the fun Striker from CanAm

   Skip Harley D's, Go Italian,  GO DUCATI   :


More Things to Like:
Martinellis Sparkling Apple Juice.  Only carbonated apple juice, but it tastes so expensive, yet less than $2/bottle from Costo.  How do they do it?      


     Hot Dog Heaven on Sunrise Blvd, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.   A taste of Chicago's Best Fast Food!

Exciting TV Shows, Movies, Blu-Rays:


   For some reason I like Boxes, and this company out of Rockford, Illinois makes the coolest little ones>>>>


                               I also love toys like this>>>


And a cool store in Chicago to see and shop at either online or in person, Abt Electronics, the largest single superstore in the US: 

   Click for my Electronics Shopping and Research Link

         ***** How About things that I don't Like! ****   

   Some People love Motorcycles like Harley Davidsonbut I don't get it.  Now don't get me wrong, some of the bikes I find to be a work of art.  It's the image of the brand, outlaws, leather, guys with long beards and tattoo's.  I guess that I'm more of a Ducati type  - speed, grace, color.  But don't tell my dog... He's a fan.


                 Another pet-peeve of mine is people stretching the picture on their big screen display so that they have the picture fill their entire screen.  This distorts the picture, making them appear fat and flat.  Also, I hate it when the TV station does this, stretching just the outsides to fill the screen.  If the TV does a good job of producing Black, I much rather have the Black bars on the sides, with a perfectly shaped picture.  Otherwise I'd rather watch an old 4:3 TV that delivers the signal it was given:



                        Well Thank you for letting me share my thoughts with You

and let me know what you think...